The situation in the Middle East and China

[Middle East of opening a Pandora's box Do] China, warning the US ... Although the Chinese government was nervous about the civil revolutionary movement that one after another in the Middle East countries are to strengthen the restrictions on the media and the Internet, which could have a subtle influence on the foreign attitude of China. China has been importing actively crude oil from the Middle East in recent years, with the total trade in 2000 was the Middle East first place by far in the United States. It will also come slightly different, such as by way of taking statistics, but it is clear that China has become comparable to the US trading partner for the Middle East. A decade ago would anyone could not imagine such a thing. The raised such achievements in a short period of time the government of the one-party dictatorship is believed to because has been carried out as a national policy. National policy is also anywhere in the country, carry out state system is different enough not compare in a democratic country and the one-party dictatorship countries it.

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